Calling All Teens 14 to 18 years old

Welcome to the 490 Pilgrimage

secret to life

For every single person on the planet, the secret to a happy and emotionally healthy life is Love!

It's that simple!

It's so simple, we all find it hard to comprehend. Love is the answer and the only way to fully experience love is to master the art of forgiveness.

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My name is Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis. Everyday, I help people overcome experiences like depression, anxiety, and stress by teaching them the art of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the path to love and its important because it frees us from painful experiences that hold us back from loving ourselves, others and God.

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FORGIVENESS is not just a fleeting wish or desire. Its not something that happens because you are spiritual or religious. It's definitely not saying, "It's OK".

Forgiveness is a systematic process grounded in compassion. When I teach the art of forgiveness, I use biblical wisdom to reveal to my clients how forgiveness informs our own unique calling to love, our love languages, and the love lessons embedded in painful moments.

On September 16, 2017, I was honoured to host an event called Lifting the Veil.


35 Beautiful women came together and we moved through a wonderful journey of first discovering our desires and intentions for our life, career, health, and relationships.

After a wonderful lunch, we moved on to uncovering painful moments from the past, that consume our energy and instill beliefs that stop us from achieving our goals.

We finished the day with 6 women speaking to the entire group about the veil(s) that still covered their eyes and identified the ONE THING they needed to do to lift the veil(s) forever. It was a transformational day!

The 490 Pilgrimage

After listening to the stories of the women from Lifting the Veil, I decided its time to go upstream. I created the 490 Pilgrimage and my goals is to help teens learn a secret that many of us wait 40 years to discover. I am going to give them the secret to a happy and emotionally healthy life.

This workshop will help teens:

  • Get comfortable with their emotions
  • Identify the key sources of negative emotions in their life
  • Learn the simple yet powerful steps in the forgiveness process
  • Learn their love language
  • Begin the process of discovering the unique love lessons designed for them
  • Maintain the practice of forgiveness for life

490 Pilgrimage

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