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BECOMING is a compilation of short stories written by women, who have come to a place of complete surrender and are living a life driven with purpose. Each story will express, from the purest parts of women’s hearts, the process through which they overcame insurmountable challenges, succeeding on their terms, despite the obstacles faced.


OUR STORIES will inspire others to step into their true essence and live their lives in their truest expression of self. Every woman is unique with gifts and talents meant to be shared with the world. We invite you to take a moment to consider your story and the ideas you have been waiting to share. Your story has the potential to ignite a flame in someone else.


BECOMING will showcase the many attributes of women, including our strengths, vulnerabilities, failures, and triumphs. All women, at every stage of life, need a mentor, and this book will graciously serve this purpose. We all have a story to share and the world needs yours.


Bringing Women's Stories of Becoming to the World

We partnering with women from all walks of life to produces a volume of books focused on bringing women’s stories of struggle and triumph to the world. BECOMING is an anomaly in the world of publications, mainly because we recognize that every human being has divine purposes they are intended to serve while on the planet. One such purpose is to pass on the wisdom of our generation to the next so that we can propel humanity to that place we call LOVE– deep connection to self, all others, and the creator. Our in-house writers and our selected external contributing authors are individuals of all ages who understand that LOVE is all there is and ever was. Through the telling of our profound stories we strive to engage and stimulate our audience to consider the divinely orchestrated lessons their life experiences bring to them.


BECOMING'S contributing authors are carefully selected based their capacity to tell a powerful and profound story that highlights how suffering wakes us to the truth that we are beautifully created for a purpose and how surrender to this truth renews passion for life and living. The story is what matters, however, we also consider each author’s writing experience and their capacity to engage in our preparation process. We leave the door open to all women across the globe, and every topic, be it controversial or not, is welcomed as long as it explores our awaking to the truth that LOVE is all there is and ever was.


Our stories will be enjoyed by girls and women of all ages. They will speak most profoundly to the hearts of women between the ages 35 to 60 years. Particularly for those women who are in the midst of their struggles and trials, this book will serve as a ray of hope and a pathway to discovering our true selves. It is our goal to capture the attention of those women who are in the midst of their journey whether it be overcoming discrimination, struggles with identity, substance abuse, toxic and abusive relationships, or grief. We hope to show how persistent movement forward will eventually lead us to freedom from our mental shackles.


Our stories will demonstrate the gift of forgiveness and the power of healing that propels each of us toward the universal TRUTH that we are superbly connected and in fact, possess the same values, hopes, and dreams. With our wide array of deep and profound stories we allow women from all walks of life and all levels of writing experience to become a voice that speaks to and mentors the next generation of young women. BECOMING is a platform for the publication of thoughts, ideas, beliefs that that must be shared.