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Lifting the Veil, Toronto, 2017

Lifting The Veil program flowers and gift bag

On September 16, 2017, we were honoured to host an event called Lifting the Veil. 35 Beautiful women came together and we moved through a wonderful journey of first discovering our desires and intentions for various aspects of our lives including career, relationships, and health. After a wonderful lunch, we move on to re-discovering those painful moments of the past that continue to take our energy and instill beliefs that stop us from showing up as our most beautiful selves. We buried the inner critic which stops us from achieving the goals and desires of our hearts. We finished the day with 6 beautiful women speaking to the group about the veils that still covered their eyes and looked to the future as they identified the ONE THING they needed to do to lift the veil(s) forever.

What These Beautiful Women Had to Say