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Every one of us are in a process of personal development and transformation. Many have compared the stages of this wonderful journey to that of becoming a butterfly. We are first the caterpillar who consumes, grows and strives to survive. We then enter the cocoon which is a dark, restricting space. But, it is also a place of rest, growth, and rebirth. It is where our struggles consume and dare us to overcome. We fly high as the beautiful butterfly when our eyes open to the reason we are all here and begin the work we are meant to do.

Love is our purpose. Birthing the butterfly is what we do!

Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis

Dr. Samuels-Dennis is the Director and Founder of Becoming Canada. She established Becoming Canada in response to a deep and spiritually-driven desire to inspire and transform the lives of people overwhelmed by the stressors and trials encountered over their lifetime.

Dr. Samuels-Dennis completed her PhD at the University of Western Ontario with clinical and research expertise in mental health promotion and trauma-informed health service delivery. She is currently an adjunct Professor at Trinity Western University with research and clinical work keenly focused on perfecting the efficacy of Becoming Therapy.

She is the Co-Editor of Becoming: The Journey to Self Love, a compilation of stories that demonstrate women's movement from places of suffering to full knowledge and connection to self, others, and God. She is a transformational visionary whose live speaking engagements help reveal the purpose and intentions for all our struggles.


Becoming Canada is a Christian not-for-profit that aims to spiritually-inform and transform the lives of people who are in places of suffering. For every individual who is ready, we help them exit the cocoon and become the beautiful butterfly God created them to be.

Our core values and activities are driven by a firm commitment to the expressions of love, as exemplified by Christ, to all who are experiencing struggles and challenges that compromise their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Our services include Becoming Therapy, Becoming Events and Retreats, and Becoming Books.

All of our services aim to open people’s hearts and minds to the power of forgiveness in guiding us to know who we truly are, our purpose, and the types of work/services that will bring meaning and fulfillment to our lives.



BECOMING THERAPY is the highest standard of holistic care. It combines Eastern and Western understandings of health, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) embedded in a proven and effective forgiveness process, and practical spiritual teachings that help every client overcome the fears that sabotage their ability to live a happy, healthy, purpose-driven life. It is a unique and powerful coaching approach that helps every client permanently release unresolved emotions and fears from the past and begin living a life filled with power, love, and clarity of mind.



Our live BECOMING EVENTS & RETREATS are single and multi-day events that inspire men and women to claim their divine Identity as children of God and discover their purpose and mission in life. The events are designed to help every participant recognize the connection between their most painful moments and their larger purpose and mission. Becoming Canada brings a transformational message of love as it helps men and women understand that forgiveness is the pathway to love, connection, and fearless living.



BECOMING: THE JOURNEY TO SELF LOVE is a book series and a compilation of short stories written by women, who have come to a place of love and are living fearlessly. The first publication of this wonderful series is expected in September 2018. Each story will express, from the purest parts of women’s hearts, the process through which they overcame insurmountable challenges, succeeding on their terms, despite the obstacles faced. These stories aim to inspire others to step into their true essence and live their lives in their truest expression of self.

Becoming Therapy, Becoming Events, and our Becoming Book projects bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to every client who authentically and sincerely engages in the process. We bring a message of love and forgiveness. We heal and transform lives. Its been demonstrated time and again.

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